Replication #1: Image and Plan

Rineke Dijkstra from Beaches
This photograph is apart of Rineke Dijkstra's series Beaches. There's two types of challenges in replicating this photograph: the technical and the personal.

Technically speaking, this photograph overall is flat in terms of lighting. The sky appears to be overcast, causing extremely soft shadows and low contrast. The use of strobe separates the figure from the ground, but not so much as to look unnatural. Creating a cohesion between the two light sources (strobe/sun) will definitely be a challenge. 

The second challenge will be how the subject and I relate and respond to each other. Dijkstra was photographing adolescent strangers she came across on the beach. I will be photographing my partner, so immediately there's a stronger connection than Dijkstra had. Perhaps that'll be a disadvantage, though. Dijkstra captured the awkwardness of not only being photographed while vulnerable, but the entirety of adolescence. I'm challenged with the task of not only replicating the lighting but also the shy guardedness of this particular subject. 

This is my basic plan for lighting. I'll use a strobe with a shoot-through umbrella positioned camera left (to match the subject's shadows in Dijkstra's photograph). Using an umbrella will allow me to create even, flat lighting that will hopefully be complemented by the sunlight (overcast; also even and flat). Strobe location may have to be adjusted depending on the location and angle of the sun.